Embodying your Christed Self

There are two aspects of this upgrade that I would like to talk about. The first is the Etheric Body and the Second is the Christ Consciousness.

Etheric Body

There are 7 layers to our energy bodies. Below is an outline of each layer.

  • The Etheric Body – First Layer.

  • The Emotional Body – Second Layer.

  • The Mental Body – Third Layer.

  • The Astral Level – Fourth Layer.

  • The Etheric Template Body – Fifth Layer.

  • The Celestial Body – Sixth Layer.

  • The Casual Body or Ketheric Template – Seventh Layer.

This upgrade will take place on the Etheric Body, the energy system and blueprint for the body. This layer extends 1-2 inches from the physical body and holds the Nadis, chakras and the aura. It is a matrix made up of tiny energy lines where physical matter grows, where tissue and shape is structured.  There are 72,000 nadais and thousands of chakras that run through this template to support the physical body.

Christ Consciousness

When Jesus the Christ embodied on this planet, he brought with him the blueprint of the Christ Consciousness. This Consciousness is something all being are able to embody as we all have a Christed Self, or higher self.  He lead the way and showed us that it is possible to be a Christed Human and to create Heaven on Earth. It is now time for each of us to step into our Divine Birthright and embody our Christed Selves or Higher Selves. This starts by aligning and upgrading the body's energy systems to hold this higher frequency. 

In this session, Jesus and beings of Light will upgrade your Etheric Body to the Christ Consciousness template. This begins your process of holding higher frequencies of light through your energy system and physical body. 

Session Duration: 70-90 minutes

Price: $150



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