This is your time to communicate directly with Spirit. Ahlara and Matthew have a core group of Ascended Masters and Archangels they work very closely with. These beings of light come through via channeling or as an overlay. You have the opportunity to speak and work directly with Saint Germain, Jesus, Metatron, Shekinah, Quan Yin, Hilarion, Archangel Michael and Gabriel. 
Channeling the practice of entering a meditative or trancelike state in order to convey messages from a spiritual guide. Not to be confused with Mediumship where there is a communication between the spirit and the medium, channeling involves the spirit actually utilizing the body of the channel in order to communicate with others. We do a channeling technique called OVERLAYING. An overlay involves a much more direct connection to the “host” body, a connection felt on the cellular level. Through this connection there are a few differences in the process as well as the results. To begin with, the spirit that comes through as an overlay has more control over the body than simple speaking and face movements typically experienced with channeling. Through this process, the overlay experience becomes more interactive for all parties, more of an actual conversation. Another benefit of overlaying is that the channel is almost always completely aware (they can be blocked but usually are not) and maintains the comfort of control. At any moment the host has the ability to regain control of his/her body and remove the spirit. This brings a confidence and sense of security to the process. There are other differences which can be shared through events, workshops and/or private sessions.
45 Minute Session - Sliding Scale $80-$100


"The evening with Ahlara and Matthew was my first channeling session ever—I had been curious about experiencing channeling live yet I was willing to wait until I knew it was something of highest quality that would leave everyone feeling elevated afterwards. When I saw the “Archangels and Ascended Masters” event at Groundings in Florence, Massachusetts appear on Facebook (the event page seemed to fairly glow with light!), something within me leapt up and I signed up instantly. I knew this was it. During the session, Ahlara, expecting their baby, was sitting out but would offer dialogue and support to Matthew as he brought through St. Germain, Hilarion, and Jesus from the Table of Ascended Masters. All of the Masters had different energies and patterns of speech. I could literally feel the whoosh of energy in the room as one would leave or enter. It was so powerful and joyous! I would recommend Ahlara and Matthew to anyone who is curious about channeling and wants to experience it, for the first time or many times after, for the safety and support of the environment and the extraordinarily high frequency they bring. You will leave feeling clear, strengthened, and joyous. To me, Ahlara and Matthew set the bar for what a channeling session can be like and I am so glad of this. I am eager for them to return and in the meantime am de-lighted to be connected to The Light of Truth through social media and their newsletter so that I can participate in this network of glorious, pure, high energy on a regular basis."


"I scheduled an Overlay experience with Matthew on Friday, December 2nd, 2016 at 2pm. Since I am an Intuitive Angel Channel, I am fully aware of what to watch out for regarding the "Real deal". I can attest that Matthew is the real deal and one of the ways in which I knew this was him asking me to be sure not to share with him anything about myself beforehand. He brought forth Seraphim, Arch Angels and Ascended Masters messages for me. His concise Informative, healing and loving messages were explained in detail that made it easy for me to understand and apply to my life. The experience was akin to sitting down with a friend that you have known your entire life. I'd recommend Matthew to anyone."

Intuitive Energy Healing and Vibrational Medicine

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