Rose Cube

Anchoring the Divine Feminine

Each person, male and female, holds this Divine feminine and this cube will fully anchor your Divine Feminine energy. 

The archetypes of the feminine are awake and the new way of living and "being" is making its way into the Earth and each of us. This is a profound time and an emergence that are shaking the roots of the unbalanced energy that has caused pain, suffering and injustice. 

When you get this cube, you are being supported to heal your inner wounds and to bring balance to your feminine and masculine energy. This is not about taking down the masculine, it is about rising up and balancing the polarities individually and collectively. The Divine Feminine is Rising!

This cube will support this transition to the Divine Feminine within yourself to create balance, harmony, sovereignty, empowerment and strength. 

*Please note, you must have a Gold Cube before recieving the Rose Cube.

Session Duration: 60 Minutes

Price: $130



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