Spirit Cube

Evolutionary Growth

*While still created from source energy, it is infused with the intention of "high self."


*This cube not only helps you to reach progressively higher frequencies in your evolution, it does so with ease and grace.


*Quite often, those experiencing rapid Spiritual expansion can be known to go through what is called "Chemicalization."


*"Chemicalization" is a side effect of rapid expanding spiritual experience, or increase in frequency, and the reactions the body, mind and old frequencies have with this. 


*This cube negates the experience of chemicalization as it strengthens the evolutionary growth on multiple energetic levels.


*This cube will remain continually active, supporting you at all times. However, there may be times where you are feeling overwhelmed or our of balance, and a simple reminder thought that the cube is there will release these concerns. 

*While your energetic field will continue to grow and expand, this will "appear" to remain in the same space after it is installed. This is an energetic illusion, caused by the fact that time and space are not "real" in this aspect of energy, while infinite in nature, there is is the illusion that i remains finite in size. Infinity is an idea not fully understood by human mind, and endlessness exists within as well as without. 

*Please note, you must have a Gold cube before receiving the Spirit Cube.*

Session Duration: 60-70 Minutes


Price: $150



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