Christed Cube

Embody Your Christ Consciousness Energy

During this time, each person on earth has the opportunity to birth through themselves the Christ Consciousness Energy. Each of us has a "Christed" or higher self that exists at the 5th dimensional frequency that can now be embodied. 

The Christed energy is the "Heaven on Earth." It is our Divine Birthright to embody this energy. This cube supports our Divine Christed nature anchoring into our energy field and physical body. 

This cube aligns you to the 5th dimensional frequency in all areas of your life. 

*Please note, you must have a Gold cube and Spirit Cube before receiving the Christed Cube.* (The Spirit Cube will help balance the side effect of Chemicilization as you go through the transformation to your Christed energy. )

Session Duration: 90 Minutes


Price: $300

(Payment arrangements are available for this cube)



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