Gold Cube

Full Protection for anything not from Love

When we experience human trauma (physical, emotional, spiritual) it causes distortions and vulnerabilities in the body and energy field. Imagine you are walking around with a deep wound in your body, but you decide to do nothing about it, leaving it completely exposed and open. This can lead to infections and deep scarring if not properly put back together with stitches, ointment and covered with a bandage. 

When we go through a trauma, it causes a wound that we cannot usually see with the physical eyes, but it exists on the energetic and emotional levels. Most of us were taught how to heal the physical wounds but not the the "energetic and emotional" wounds.


These "invisible" wounds can pick up energetic debris that gets lodged in our field and creates even deeper levels of suffering over the original wound. To fully heal, we first need to clear the energetic debris and put a bandage around for protection (The Gold Cube.)

The Gold Cube was created to be a bandage of LIGHT that creates full protection so that you can feel safe to heal.


The Gold is the primary cube and must be in place before any other cubes are installed. It is a grounding rod of light and anchors you into full safety and protection, Your DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT.


The Gold Cube provides full protection from anything not of Love. This cube will stay in the outside of your energy field. Nothing may pass inward that is not of the same essence of the owner. Also, if anything needs to be removed from your field, the Gold Cube does not allow it to reenter.

Session Duration: 60-90 Minutes


Price: $70



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