Metatron Cube Attunements

Energetic Protection, Balance & Alignment

Let us first begin by telling you a story. You are light and you come from light. When you come to Earth, you are subjected to duality and what you would consider dark and light (which is different than your inner shadow.) From birth, Ahlara received abuse on the human level and this left her energetic field open and exposed to world, unprotected. She had never experienced the feeling of being safe. After a lifesaving heart surgery in 2019, she began to experience attachment issues from beings that were not her and had forgotten they were light. 

She spent the next 10 years in this state and running outside her self from healer, to healer, to healer looking for protection and healing. Even though she found support from wonderful people, nothing lasted long term and the attachments issues continued. Then, one day, she met Matthew (what you would call her twin-flame), and everything changed. They began to learn about their connection and their mission together on Earth. This bond was so strong that only LOVE could get through. Matthew saw the suffering Ahlara was going through and reached out to his guide, Archangel Metatron, and they created the first cube for protection, the Gold Cube. Since then, nothing other than light has entered her field and she has learned what it feels like to be PROTECTED. Many other cubes have been created and now is the time to bring them to the public. 

We, the teachers of light and the light of truth are here to offer tools from Source to help you receive your Divine Birthright of being protected. When you feel safe, you are able to manifest Heaven on Earth and experience peace. It is an honor to serve you and bring these tools forth from Source. It is time. 


What are the Cubes?


Metatron Cubes are protective and energetic tools specifically designed for each user.  They are created from pure source energy, and attuned to the frequency and dynamic of the individual and anchor their 5th dimensional light frequency.  When the cube is placed during the attunement, no energies other than pure source, or that of the user, are able to enter. Conversely, any negative or dark energy already within the space (or the user) may be removed, sent out of the cube, and becomes unable to return. The Cubes can also be used as energetic charging tools, in times of fatigue or imbalance.  In the case of the Chakra Cubes, these same attributes apply, with the additional benefit of increasing the specific roles and abilities associated with each particular Chakra (grounding, communication, creativity, etc.)


1 Hour Introduction  to Metatron Cube Attunements Webinar Recording



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