A Channeled Message From The Pleiadian and Sirian Councils


We are here to meet up in peace in this great time of upheaval. We are joining together to talk about the two seedings of Energy on Earth from the Pleiadians and the Sirians and what it has to do with the current times.

Through the Earths history, there have been many great civilizations that have existed. Each leaving a unique remembrance in the energy field of Earth and one that has woven together a tapestry of Divine Awakening that is happening at this time.

You now have access to all this knowledge, this wisdom, this DIVINE embodiment that has been seeded and brought to Earth. Each of you now has access to this light that will support your own personals evolution and that of the Human race and the Universe. For it is all happening to bring together the Divine Oneness that it the birthright of ALL.

We have asked Ahlara to be a channel and a guide to allow us to teach, active, align and open these keys of light through messages and live teachings. Starting in September, Ahlara will be hosting bi-weekly video sessions( in addition to these message) for us to speak to you and teach. We will be teaching through a portal and Etheric Temple called "The Temple of Truth." A space in which is ready to begin the Divine teachings of the stars and Masters that are now available to ALL people. This platform of teaching is still being set-up and we will keep you updated on how you can access these videos and online portal.

The more you are awakening, the more you are seeing the old patterns push to the surface to be released. Your light and these keys of light are lifting the veils of the old world so that you can see the NEW!

Now is the time for bravery. You truly have all you need within you. Remember to listen to you heart as so much illusion is being cleared in and around you. Your heart ALWAYS knows the TRUTH.

We honor you!

The Pleaidian & Sirian Councils


Hello everyone! There is going to be a lot of cussing in this post. I am going to say it.. HOLY SHIT! EVERYTHING IS CHANGING and it is a WILD ride on Earth right now. Individually and collectively it feels as if we are getting a Spiritual colonic to move the old SHIT out of the way because it is OLD, OUTDATED, PAINFUL and BAD FOR OUR MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL HEALTH.

It is time to let got of all unhealthy patterns, people, places and step into a deep level of sovereignty and healthy boundaries. No longer can we let codependency, abuse, addiction, lies, power struggles and inequality be accepted within ourselves, in our relationships, in our country, in our world or Universe. We are being asked to let go of being comfortable and into a new world of support, love and truth. In this process of transiting into the new world, the old must fall and it can be PAINFUL and UNCOMFORTABLE and SCARY.

Let me tell you some comforting news, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Each one of us has to do our work and take responsibility for our own healing, period. But, there is an unlimited (and I mean unlimited) amount of tools that are now available to us to remember who we are and help us heal. It was like we are out of an old 3D prison and are now able to walk into higher worlds and access everything we need to be whole, abundant and empowered on a level we have never experienced on Earth.

I know things may look like a complete shit show on the outside, but underneath, there is so much AMAZING being birthed!! In a message from the Pleaidian's from Christine Day, they said Earth is now vibrating in resonance with the rest of the Universe. THIS IS HUGE NEWS!!!

I am proud of you. Keep being brave sisters and brothers, for your light is needed, who you are is needed. You are LOVED and SUPPORTED. Please remember to keep going into your heart space, that will guide you on your path.

~Ahlara Faith Kent~


The energy from the July eclipses is making itself known as the individual and collective densities continue to be dismantled. What bravery you all have for being on the GROUND and embarking on this birthing of the new paradigm and Earth. Find a center through this time of change. Maybe that is taking daily walks, meditation, reading, writing, connecting with nature or Yoga. You are being transformed and this week is asking you to step into the uncomfortable "new" to birth through your next steps. We hold you, we witness you and we are here to support you.

~The Pleiadians~



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