A message From Thoth- Awakening Into A New World And Energy Updates


Greetings! My name is Thoth and I will be channeling though Ahlara today. It is very important that we reconnect with you and support you at this time. We have ALWAYS been here and now is the time to remember who you are and your connection with ALL that is.

These messages will be in three formats. First, a channeled message from Spirit, second, a message from Ahlara to connect with your human, and third, energy updates from the Pleiadians. These messages are about helping you balance your Spirit and human aspects to create harmony and peace within yourself.

As you know there is GREAT change happening on Earth. We are here to sooth the wounds and fears, reminding you there is a greater unfoldment happening than what you see before your eyes. The new energy of Earth is fully anchored and you are connecting to the new grid. The old grid is falling and you are in the process of a birth. You are in labor, and this new Earth must be birthed out of each of you, as you each have a UNIQUE key and aspect, because each of you is a thread in the tapestry, without you, it would not be whole.

You are needed. Who YOU ARE is needed. You are SO important and what you came to share with the Earth is IMPORTANT. This messages is to remind you of this TRUTH. We, The Light of Truth, are calling forth all that you are, to help you REMEMBER your DIVINE TRUTH. That you are Human and DIVINE. Do you hear the call? Do you feel it deep in your heart? Do you feel you are to do something more? Well, you are!!!

It is time brother and sisters, to step into what you came here to do! This is the time you have been waiting for, this is the time you have been preparing lifetimes for, this is the time for "THE GREAT BIRTH" to happen.

Through this channel, we are going to be coming through regularly to give you messages for support and DIVINE Remembering. We invite you to join us in a very important online retreat on August 7th-8th, Called "The Temple of Truth-Online Weekend Retreat." You will receive support and training for the next steps of your work, your DIVINE mission. LEARN MORE HERE!

We are putting out the call, are you ready to answer?



Hello everyone! I was guided to walk the Labryinth at Unity Village this morning. During that walk, Spirit came through and showed me how many people need help right now and are emotionally and spiritually suffering. I was shown these channeled messages are going to be very important to provide hope in a time where many feel lost. They will be brought through on a consistent bases.

When Spirit asked to bring through these messages, they showed a balance needs to take place so that we don't escape into Spirit, but to integrate Spirit into our humanness, working together for the Divine plan. I am not going to lie, it is a channeling time to be on Earth right now. It is easy for many of us to leave our bodies, dissociate and escape into the sweet space of Spirit land. In our bodies, our cells may tell us it is not safe to be here on Earth. Something we have learned for LIFETIMES. But NOW, there is a NEW energy, a NEW Earth for us to anchor into. A place that is safe, a christed planet that inhabits beings of peace, love and support.

I am here to tell you that we NEED your feet on the ground. We, who are incarnated here, are on the ground to bring fourth this NEW EARTH. We must be HERE to make this happen. It is my mission this lifetime to help people embody their light and to feel SAFE and JOYFUL in their bodies. Many of us feel fractured as dense memories and traumas surfaced to be healed and released. The reason the pain may feel worse than

it every has, is because it is on the surface to be healed. The pain you feel may be unbearable. Some days you may not be able to pick yourself off the ground.

I will be connecting a psychological aspect in with the channeled messages. Metatron said that it is the wounds in our mental and emotional bodies that need to be mended. It is TIME to do our HUMAN work like we have never done it before. It is time to look at our shadow, all the parts we tried to throw away with the shame, guilt and judgement. It is time to dig deep and look at ourselves with TRUTH. This takes so much BRAVERY and hard work!

It is the SPIRIT that supports the healing of our human wounds. It is the support and love from the DIVINE that cradles us and reminds us of who we are, so that we have the STRENGTH to heal and awaken. I am going to end with a quote from Dumbledore in Harry Potter: 'There will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right!"


The darkness and densities from Earth will continue to surface on an individual and collective level. Even though it may not seem like it, this is a good sign and the new platform of EARTH is arising. This week, do your best to stay in your own space, working on clearing your field and going into your heart center. The energy on the outside is going to continue to distort and build with intensity up to the election. Please remember that inward you see truth, the DIVINE plan is manifesting and you are being held with so much love and protection right now. Good things are happening in EACH of you. We hold you, we love you, we witness you.

~The Pleiadians~



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