Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energies Within

Greetings! Today we want to share with you a teaching on balancing your Masculine and Feminine Energies. There is a battle going on, and that battle is happening within you. We don't take that word "battle" lightly, and it is something that best describes the unease and restless that you feel. This message is being sent to not only share ways to balance your Masculine and Feminine Energies, but as an energetic message to help the process along.

Very simple, each of you, no matter what body you reside in, holds both the Masculine and Feminine Energies. There is a power struggle happening between the shadow aspect of these polarities and it is causing quite the stir within you. Maybe it is manifesting as mental illness, physical illness. But just knowing this truth will begin to shift the polarity shock and grief that is manifesting from all these deep changes taking place as you awaken.

Below is a simple tool to help you integrate and balance these energies. Bring one hand on your heart and the other gently to your throat. Gently breathe between your hands feeling the breath move from your heart to throat and then throat to heart. This breath is creating a "reset" and will begin to allow the energies to calm, balance and integrate with harmony into the physical body. Practice 3-5 minutes each day.

We will be working with each of you. Helping to balance and work on your energetic level. Find time to meditate and connect within. Know you are supported and the healing tools that are now being remembered will help change the course of human history. We witness and honor this Divine transformation.

~The Pleiadians~



©2020 by The Light of Truth