February 2020 Pleiadian Message "Embodying Your Divine Truth"

Updated: Feb 25

What does it mean to embody your Divine Truth? It means you begin to remember who you are, and that remembrance shows the illusion to all that you are not. It is with great reverence and love that we help you remember this truth and shine a light on the magnificence that you truly are.

I am Aleoliah'tah and today I am bringing forth a transmission to help you see your Divine Truth. We will begin by tuning into your breath. This is the anchor of your light. The vehicle in which source flows into your physical body. You are "that source" that fills up every ounce of your physical being.

Your bodies are changing so that they can hold this truth, this essence that is you. This month we will be working deeply within the physical body to prepare and align it with your Divine Truth. This might be an uncomfortable process as you will be asked to let go of old ways of being. What you used for balancing and healing your body will begin to drop away and this new frequency of "Divine Truth" will guide to you that which supports your Highest EVOlution. Open your mind and body to a completely new way of living, balancing and embodying.

We will be connecting you to the new light grid that was anchored on earth 1/11/2020. This new anchoring has opened up possibilities for healing, awakening and joy that support your ongoing evolution to your true Divine self.

Each of you signed up for this and we agreed to help you. There is NOTHING you are experiencing that on some level you didn't agree to. We know this sounds harsh or may even cause uncomfortable reactions within you, but it is truth. And, you also have the keys and inner knowing to balance your life. You came here with all the tools you will ever need.

For this months meditation, we are asking AhLara to guide you through a Yoga Nidra meditation specifically designed for this transmission.

Are you ready?

~The Pleiadians~


©2020 by The Light of Truth