Healing by Archangel Raphael

Greetings from Raphael!

I have come forward at this time for the purpose of discussing healing: physical, emotional and spiritual. Also, and this is both the simplest as well and the most challenging, where the responsibility lies for your healing. Healing is healing regardless of the process and the path. Healing is healing regardless of the form needed and the methods that are used. Ultimately (and with this simple statement we understand we are stepping into challenging territory) your healing, regardless of whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, is completely your responsibility. You are completely in charge, hold the answers and decisions, even if you, personally, lack the capabilities to perform certain tasks or steps in the process.

When this is communicated we often hear protest with regard to healing. If your arm is broken, you won't be setting it yourself. If you are in emotional turmoil, you may feel you cannot rise beyond the pain or trauma in order to move forward. If you lose faith or are seeking another path spiritually, you may feel that wandering aimlessly is your course if left to your own volition. You would, however, not be seeing your role as clearly as needed. You see, you make all the decisions. They belong to you and are fully your responsibility.

You decide to seek treatment for physical ailments and injuries. You decide whether or not to take medications, seek the guidance of certain doctors or professionals. You choose to seek holistic measures vs. more modern areas for your physical well being. At times, if things begin to advance with an illness or injury, you may be led to further decisions, or put in a place where you feel you have no choice, but this is the result of your decisions previously. Will you always make the correct decisions? No. You are human and you have concerns and fears based on past experience, other peoples circumstances, and/or things you have been made aware of. So you formulate your decisions and move forward, and modify along the way.

The same holds true of your emotional healing. Whether you are suffering from a minor setback in a relationship, a sadness in your life, or a traumatic experience from the past, the path of your healing is entirely up to you. Others may be needed along the way for your guidance and for advice, but you seek them out, choose what to share, and decide exactly how brave and vulnerable you will be with others in trying to find your answers. This is important because emotional trauma and anguish can bring about feelings that overwhelm the will to move forward, or worse, make one feel that they have no control over anything in their lives. This is rarely, if ever, the case. Your control of choice is always there, even when hidden by outside concerns or inner turmoil. Keep in mind that decisions to move forward, even if apparently inconsequential at the time, hold great import in your well being.

With regard to the spiritual: God knows you lose faith occasionally. Sometimes it is simply a moment of doubt, other times it is complete anger, resistance and dismissal of all things Spirit. First let us say, that it is alright to feel this way. You are human. You have frustrations and often things happen that have no apparent meaning or could not possibly be for your well being (in your initial perception). So you lash out, deny, scream for vengeance or with hatred towards the heavens. Trust.....it is perfectly acceptable for you to have these moments. Left inside they would build up to the point of destruction and you may set yourself on a path that was never intended for you. Let these things out. Shout them at the top of your lungs. Scream and cry and swear and throw things about the room. It is a good thing to release this before it becomes self destructive. When you are done, and the energy is released, take a moment to accept responsibility for where you are, how you got there and what is next. It is truly up to you how you proceed.

Many sit in the sadness, the despair, the anger and resentment for a very long time (some their entire human lives). That is their decision, no one else's. These souls may be convinced and swear that their plight is because of others or because God has forsaken them, and they will anchor in and own that idea. This is their choice. You have that choice, plus infinite other choices on how to proceed. Your restoration to faith in yourself is in your heart and in your control. Seek those of sage advice. Seek spiritual teachings and new ideas. Seek inner wisdom and connection with your higher self. All of this, and the path you take, is your responsibility and can only be directed by your inner compass.

Remember that it is acceptable to gain the assistance of others. Many people are here simply to guide others along any path they choose. Others study for years to help people heal and seek their own wellness in their lives. You are in charge of your own healing: physical, emotional and spiritual....and may also be the aid that another seeks in their paths of healing as well.

Archangel Raphael


©2020 by The Light of Truth