Introducing Hilarion

Good Morning! Welcome to another in what are proving to be very interesting moments in "blogging". As we have said previously, Ahlara and I have been working very closely with Ascended Masters and Archangels in our healing and teaching experiences. Many of them have expressed interest in sharing knowledge, information and ideas with a larger number of souls, and have guided us toward channeling, and over-laying, in order for this to happen.

Today we are blessed with the opportunity to share space with an Ascended Master that brings some clarity, some modern age understanding to what we refer to as "spirituality" or "new age energy work". So many look to these concepts as made-up or having no true basis or merit....but in fact, there is science involved in all of it. And so, it is with great honor we step aside and allow the words of this Master to come forth: We bring you Hilarion!

"Greetings. I am Hilarion. I am honored to step forth and share some small amounts with you this day. Though I have been known to come through during various channelings throughout time, most of these are personal and specific to the individual, of which I am most pleased to participate, but this is a unique opportunity to share with many and I look forward to future chances as well.

I have been "present on Earth" before, once known as Saul, who became Paul, a disciple of Jesus. I was also present in Palestine as Hilarion and spent time healing and teaching, and much time alone, praying, meditating and learning from on high. Throughout these experiences I was taught the importance of joining spiritual knowledge and understanding with that of science, fact and the physical truths that exist in the world, nay in the Universe. It is through this joining that a truer understanding of the workings of the Universe becomes clear.

Rest assured that healing, knowledge, Spirituality and science do indeed go hand in hand...neither is correct over the other. They are in fact, joined perfectly together in an understanding that knows no doubt. Begin with the very simplistic concept that energy is real. At the atomic level there is matter, and that it exists in all things. In fact, at this level, it is understood scientifically, though not always generally, that all things are actually energy bonded in unique forms to create the awareness of "things". A table, a chair, a dog and you yourself, are all made of the very same energy bonds, in an infinite and varying combination. The very air around you is also made of this same energy and therefore, in an infinite combination, connected to all things as well.

With this basic understanding, we hope to begin the teaching that your healing, your connection with each other, your overall bond with all that exists, is a matter of fact, not a matter of speculation, theory or "new age banter". Spend some time contemplating this concept. Truly reach inward, and outward, to feel and see the truth in all that this means. You are not only connected to all things, each other included, but you also have the ability to change or manifest all things. This includes your own well being and happiness.

I will leave you with this for now. Know that I shall return and will gladly share further. The time has come for an energetic awakening the likes of which has yet to be seen. Ask questions. Share with each other. Have open hearts and minds because some of the revelations coming forth are going to be new and profound.....Be well.......

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