January 2020 Pleiadian Message "Foundations"

Updated: Feb 25

Dear ones, we welcome you with open arms as we embark on this journey together. Working with Ahlara, we will be sharing monthly messages to support your time on Earth and Spiritual evolution. For what you would consider thousands of years, we have worked alongside humanity to support the evolution of the human species. It is a very exciting time, one that has been planned for eons. Never before has this type of evolution and awakening taken place. Each of you is needed, each of you has a very important piece of the puzzle... without you, the awakening would be incomplete.

Let us introduce ourselves, we are the Pleiadians. A group of multidimensional light-beings, or star-beings, who are in service to Universal ascension and the completion of the Divine plan back to balance. We are holding frequencies of light for each of you to step into. Through these emails we will begin frequency transmissions, much like stair steps. Integrating your first step before moving onto the next.

For the month of January, we would like to call this email or message "foundations." We will begin by dismantling the foundations of the 3rd dimensional frequency and those built on fear and separation and then activating dormant DNA lightcodes.

Your physical bodies need much support as your DNA shifts and upgrades to the Christ Consciousness-5th dimensional frequency.

All you have to do is receive and allow the energy to flow through. We will be working closely with each of you during this time. You may experience new awakenings in Spiritual gifts and healing as you begin to remember your Divine self.

We are holding you in light, fully protected and cared for. As this dismantling of the old takes place, remember it is the past and we encourage you to use the breath to release any feelings or emotions that are leaving and being transmuted. As we hold you in a high frequency of light, you will gain more clarity and understanding about your transformation and you will move through the releasing process much faster.

We hand you a key, to unlock the door to your Divine potential, awakening lightcodes in your DNA that will set the new foundation in the Christ frequency. Each of you carries the light of the Christ Consciousness and the awaking has already happened. You are now walking into your new light-body.

Ahlara has added a meditation below that will guide you through this process. Please listen to the meditation as much as you need to support your journey.

Thank you for being you and stepping into your true selves. We know it is not easy and takes much bravery! Remember you are not alone. You are loved and the entire Universe is witnessing and in awe of your transformation.

The Earth year 2020 is a year of clarity. We rejoice in the unfoldment of your Divine nature!

Thank you for joining us on this journey and beginning your work with the "foundations" transmission.

Also, we are pleased to announce that we will be teaching a 7 week class with the Elohim called "Teachings to Embody Lightcodes for Alignment and Awakening." Ahlara is in the process of creating this series with us. More details will be released in a future email.

We hold you, we honor you, we are with you,

~~The Pleiadians


©2020 by The Light of Truth