Jesus Teachings on Forgiveness, Faith and Sin


Today I wish to talk about some of the "interpretations" of things that happened in my lifetime. Specifically, I would like to touch on forgiveness, faith and sin. Let's begin with faith.

Throughout my travels I tried as best I could to teach about faith. Not just having faith in our "father" but the faith one needs to have in him or her self, in order to bring the blessings one desires into one's life. Faith can be a challenging concept on a human level, though it truly takes very little in the grand scheme of things to see the results it can bring. So many interpreted my words and the events that took place as "miracles" and something that only I was capable of, being the "Son of God". However, I never taught those around me to believe this. In fact, I encouraged quite the opposite. I taught "Yes I am the son of God, but so are you". I taught "It is not I that performs miracles, but your faith in the possibility that heals you." Yet so many chose the easier way and expected these things to be done for them, instead of through them.

Have faith in this one thing: You are as I am! Without doubt or difference! God is in each and every one of you as God is in me. You speak of the "I AM" and yet when the words leave your lips you do not hear how they are spoken. You say "I AM" and yet you refer to God as if a separate being, beyond all things possible in your own life. In fact, what you say is the truth: "I AM" means exactly that....YOU ARE! WE ARE! THEY ALL ARE!! All are one with and as God! Mankind has forever said that God is in all things, yet somehow left themselves out of all things. When asked, "Is God in this rock? This tree? In the animals and birds?" the answer is always yes, God is in all things. Yet if God is in all things, then God IS all things and you are a part of all truly are GOD!

Now I would like to spend a moment on forgiveness. In my times here on Earth, the "teachers" of the masses taught that only God had the power to forgive. Let us look at what this created. If you feel you have sinned, and you don't wish to have this sin weighing you down or being held over your head for some reason, then the only way to gain forgiveness was to seek out the church. Only God could forgive and all were taught that they had to go through the teachers of organized religion to speak with or connect with God. This was decidedly convenient for the teachers and leaders of those religions for what were considered sins at that time. And since humans are naturally imperfect, they simple had to list as many sins as possible, and then inform all sinners that the only way to be "saved" was to join the church and speak to God through them. Of course there were certain responsibilities and tithes involved if you wanted to remain in good standing with the church.

I taught that the son of man had the power of forgiveness. When one is truly repentant, for whatever they see as a sin they committed, man has the ability, and the duty, to see the truth of this and forgive another for their sins. Naturally the church didn't see things this way, and it interfered with their theologies. One has to remember, no separate God came down and told certain men to begin worshiping him/her unconditionally, nor did God inform them that they represent God on earth and were commanded to control the people through whatever means possible, including guilt. God is Love. In all of us. Love, true love, does not encourage guilt or jealousy or servitude in any way. Love, especially unconditional God like love, is based on trust, healing, joy, beauty and acceptance. It nurtures, not tortures. It embraces, not enslaves. It encourages, not ridicules. The God in each and every person is pure love and wishes nothing of power nor pedestals nor idols. God wishes only for peace, understanding and forgiveness of all transgressions so that all mankind may truly feel this remarkable gift.

Finally let us look at sin. Specifically, I am not here to preach to you about what is sin and what is not. This is entirely up to you, the society in which you choose to live, and how actions and words are viewed. What is a sin in one culture can be part of ritual in another culture, and no one has the right to judge the difference. So I do not wish to address sin specifically, but instead I wish to speak briefly about whether or not I died for the sins of mankind.

I am fully aware that this will "stir the pot" so to speak, but here's the truth of it: I did not die on the cross for your sins. I just didn't. You see, it isn't (or wasn't) my place to take sin as my responsibility from all men and women. Sin is personal, societal, defined by man, and regardless of the teaching that I died on the cross for this very reason, sin, in the hearts and minds of man, still continues. Even and especially in those that believe in these teachings.

I died (and rose again) for one reason, and one reason only, to teach the power that Faith has in all lives. Demonstrating that no one truly "dies", that having faith in what you believe, pure faith beyond doubt, allows one to create things that are seen as miracles in their own lives, this is why things went as they did in my lifetime. You see, as I traveled and tried to teach, I faced more and more challenges each day. And not just from those in power, but from those who chose to follow and learn. Many, yes most, of those following chose to see in me that which they would not see in themselves. They saw the lame walk, the blind see, and the dead rise again, and only believed that, as the Son of God, it was I who performed these tasks. Regardless of my teaching them that they were as me, I was no more or less than them. That their faith alone was what created the wonder in their lives.

So, ultimately, in a final demonstration of true faith, I accepted the task of proving that all is possible when your faith is strong. I died, and rose again, reminding those around me that it was my faith, and not being the "only begotten son" that ruled my life. So, did I die for your sins? No I did not. I died in order to show you that faith can move mountains. Faith can heal. Faith leads us beyond what we see as death to that which it true and eternal.....Our oneness with all that is GOD!

Blessings to you all and please, have faith in yourselves. You are the "I AM"

Jesus of Man


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