Pleiadian Channeled Teaching: The Mind/Body Connection

Greetings! We want to talk with you about the mind/body connection. As you are awakening Spiritually, you are doing so through the physical body. Your body is SO MUCH MORE that you thought it was. It is a sacred temple capable of holding vasts amounts of energy and Light.

As this process is happening and transition is taking place, your old memories and densities are pushing to the surface. You might be feeling overwhelmed with the sensations happening in your body and not know how to handle it. This is where we have come to help you. We have come to help support the physical body and balance the mind energy so they can exist in a state of resonance and coherence. This coherence will help you move through this process in a way of "letting go" and "moving into it" rather than resisting the process.

You have no control over how your body will react and transform as your birth your new energies. At times it might feel terrifying and overwhelming and/or peaceful and blissful. We honor these feeling and experiences each of you is having.

We are giving you 2 tools today:

  1. Find a place in your body that feels safe. Begin to search your body and find a space where you feel safe to anchor. Use a conscious breath in and out of the mouth to expand into the space. This is going to be a place where you can feel safe and move into a "witness" space for to your body sensations. This is going to keep you anchored in your body and feeling safe as sensations and feelings move through the body. The conscious mouth breathing will help this process along.

  2. Find time to meditate and connect with yourself. If meditation and going inward is something you feel overwhelmed with, then meditate in a group setting (this can be done online), with a friend of find a guided meditation.

We love you, we witness you, we are So proud of you!

~The Pleiadian Elders~



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