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Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Today we are honored to present another in what are proving to be extremely interesting moments in thought and sharing from the Ascended Masters and Archangels. It is truly a blessing to be a part of this amazing opportunity to share. With no need for introduction we offer you the thoughts of Jesus:

Blessings! I am known by many names and titles: Son of God, Bread of Life, Holy Child, I AM, King of the Jews, Lamb of God, Messiah, Nazarene, Savior, Shiloh, Truth, Jehovah, The Carpenter, Christ, Emmanuel and more. For the purpose of familiarity and understanding we will agree that Jesus is well and good.

This is a unique opportunity because when one has a message to deliver, it is often challenging when facing a large group of souls at one moment. You see, try as one might to reach individuals, when gathered together ALL creatures have a tendency to develop “like-mindedness”…..the louder opinions and emotions push to the surface and become adopted by the group. This was an issue during my time here as a teacher on Earth, and has ever been a truth throughout human history (humans are not the only ones susceptible to this as is evident in nature. It takes only one panicked animal to create a stampede). So often, as I tried to convince those around me that they were as I, that they could do all things and be all things simply through belief in themselves, most heard my words as impossible and saw actions as miracles. And as they believed it, those around them saw it as truth. This created difficulty in convincing them otherwise.

Now, we have an opportunity once again to reach many at once, but as individuals. These words go forth to many, but are read alone, where opinion and faith are allowed to form without influence. If there is anything at all that I truly wish to teach you it is this: Believe in yourself and the truth that lives inside of you. There is nothing more important in your life or for your happiness than your own truth.

Remember this: Truth is truth. There is no room for different truths. Some argue that everyone holds different truths in their lives, different from everyone else’s truths. In this they are in fact referring to circumstances, not actual truth. Each person experiences events and environments different from each other, but these are not “truths”. Truths are Universal. Love is a truth. Light is a truth. The fact that pure belief in yourself will bring forth joy and abundance beyond imagination is a truth. The key is finding that place inside of you of pure, true belief. This can be challenging but it is far from impossible. It actually becomes much easier as you look within, untouched by external energies and negative thoughts.

We at the Table, as Ahlara and Matthew call it, rejoice at the opportunity to reach as many as we can in a capacity that allows for thought, inquiry and contemplation. We have never demanded that anyone is required to believe any of our words. That is the essence of “free will” in fact. You are free to believe whomever and whatever you choose. That is part of why it is so difficult to reach individuals that are part of large groups. That overall energy becomes overwhelming and personal awareness becomes clouded. In this forum each person has the choice to read or not, contemplate or not, research or not, and believe or not. This is all we have ever sought….that, and to help wherever we could.

Know that we all love you and wish only love and happiness in your lives. We are always here for you and are finding new and interesting ways of sharing with you. Bless you all……


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