The IMPORTANCE of NOT Skipping Steps

During a channeling session I was taught about the importance of NOT skipping steps... Looking ahead, not being present and skipping steps is something I did quite a bit of back in the day... okay.... still something I do today, which leads me to this teaching.

Today, I was reminded about what happens when I skip steps in my healing caused me extreme discomfort, an overwhelm of emotions beyond what I can process in the moment, and I had to cancel a client session. Ahhhhhh.....

I will share with you what Spirit taught me about these so called "steps." Imagine you are on an island. You look out into the distance and see another island and you know that is exactly where you want to go! But how do you get to this next island? Well first you have to make a boat, so you have to find the blueprint and the tools to build the boat, and then you have to learn to use the tools properly to build the boat, you have to find people to help you build it because you cannot do it alone, and you must find a crew to sail with you to the other side (because it would get boring doing it all by yourself.).... and then you sail and you make it to your other island!! All that work paid off, and look how much you learned!

This new island has a mountain, so you climb to the top and you see before you island after island after island.. each one filled with beauty... But, you cannot skip an island as each island holds a tool needed for the one after it. For if you would skip an island, then you would not have what you needed to thrive on the island after. Each island is a step to the next island and so on. Each one important and each one needed. Does this make sense?

As we go through this time of GREAT AWAKENING on the planet, it is VITAL to awaken in steps. In Unity, they teach about a term called chemicalization. This is a "detox" process that can cause discomfort (that is the kindest word I can use to describe it) in the physical, mental and emotional bodies as the old energy leaves and the new energy integrates. We are upgrading from the 3rd to 5th dimension. THAT IS HUGE! Our DNA is changing and we are becoming a new species of human as we embody more of our Divine selves (higher self, Christed self, Buddha self, whatever wording resonates with you.) If we take one step at a time, we will have much more ease and grace through the chemicalization process. Change is going to happen, suffering through it is optional (and in my experience, skipping steps causing unneeded suffering.)

Let me use myself as an example of what can cause unnecessary pain and suffering when I want to jump to the next island before completing my time on my "present moment island." I, along with all of you, have the ability to see the greater picture, to see the islands. This is a gift but one that needs to be used as a tool, not something for us to live in, or else we miss the present moment (we must not stay on the mountain or else we miss the adventure on the ground). If you are detoxing and the pain is overbearing or you feel like it is too much, there is a good chance that you are trying to skip to the next island. This is the time to slow down and "BE."

I have been in the process of detoxing and healing my gut, brain, from heavy metals, yeast overgrowth, parasites, bacterial infections, ect. for the last 8 years. When I first started on the journey and seeing holistic doctors, they started me on A LOT of supplements and every time I got so overwhelmed with detox symptoms and I could not finish a protocol. For years I could not take any supplements and had to heal with only food. I had to learn what worked for my body, not what doctors thought was best for me. But what I learned from the doctors 6-8 years ago, I can now use because my body is ready. What they taught me was actually tools I was suppose to use on another island, where I am NOW.

I started on a new protocol healing SIBO (small intentional bacterial overgrowth) and have been able to take the supplements with little detox symptoms and little disturbance to my daily life. I have been able to process the old memories that are surfacing with clarity and a bit of ease and grace. I then got a glimpse into the next island (which I did not realize at the time was the next island), that I was going to need heavy metal detoxing. I got excited, ordered my supplements and started them immediately (which was an old pattern.) I even made sure to ask my pendulum "is this supplement in my highest good" and it came back YES. BUT what I didn't ask, "is this supplement in my highest good IN THIS MOMENT?"

Within 24 hours after taking the new supplements, my emotions and body sensations were OVERWHELMING and I felt backed up and unable to process all that was coming up. I felt foggy, depressed, confused, scared and angry. I had to cancel my client session and I was feeling sorry for myself. But then I then stopped and said, wait, I am NOT ready for this heavy metal detox and I think I need to go back to my original protocol. IMMEDIATELY my energy balanced out and I felt clear and grounded (that is when I know I found truth). I realized that my SIBO healing protocol MUST come first to prepare my body for the heavy metal detox.

My body is intelligent and I have learned that it always tells me the path, it tells me the way it wants to heal and awaken. It does not always look how I think it should look, rather, I am learning (kicking and screaming at times) to surrender to how my body wisdom is unfolding (an ongoing practice).

So, whatever you are healing, please, take it a step at a time, listen to your body wisdom and always ask "is this in my highest good in this moment, on this island?"





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