Welcome to the New Earth- A Channeled Pleiadian Message

Welcome to the New Earth- A Channeled Pleiadian Message

Greetings brother and sisters. We are very eager to reach out and connect with you today. There was a lot of clearing we have had to do with Ahlara this morning to get this message through with clarity and love. We are working with the energy of power today and the internal and outer struggles that go along with this energy.

You are stepping into your Divine power and this is the energy pulsing through Earth and through your veins. As the Earth transforms your body transforms along with it. You are birthing together. This new Earth energy aligns you with your Divine Power and with that the old power struggles and dense energy of ego power is surfacing to be seen for what it is, an egoic creation.

You are all POWERFUL and you are all DIVINE. You are learning what if feels like to drop the egoic power and step into your Divine Power. This can feel very uncomfortable in the human body as well as the experiences that get created in the process of this dismantling of the old. This old energy cannot and will not be allowed to exist in this new energy. It has no place here as your hearts and bodies are remembering WHO YOU ARE.

We are here to tell you that things are changing. Look at where in your life you are having power struggles. Where in your life you are trying to have control over other people or outcomes? How can you start to drop this old energy and step into more trust? All you have to do is have awareness, and then choose to drop into your heart and breathe. The new steps and energy will be birthed through your heart.

We are here to help you through this process. You are worthy, you are loved, you are remembering!

We honor you!

The Pleaidians


Hello everyone! I am reemerging from the 8:8 gateway and all the integration that was needed from the powerful energies that entered Earth. We are NEW and we can never go back to what was. The last month was a big shift for me personally as I had to let go of a lot to make room for the new me and the new work that is coming through.

Physically I have felt huge shifts and healing working with these new energies, eating extremely healthy and working with a homeopath. Energy medicine is what works best to support my body. I have been peeling away old layers of belief systems and trauma stuck in my cellular memory so that old diseases and dysfunctions have been able to be healed and released. It has taken time and patience, but I am understanding physical healing in a whole new understanding.

Now is a time for each of us to listen deeply to what our bodies need. You are unique and require individualized care and attention that only you can give yourself. You know yourself better than anyone and it is time to start listening to your inner truth and guidance.

Our bodies are not just a machine that we carry around, but a grand alive intelligence that is transforming and changing every second into something new. We are ascending with our bodies and so we are experiencing the ascension from the inside out as our DNA and light codes awaken and activate. We are birthing a new body! Be kind and gentle with yourself as the transformation taking place within you is asking for deep self care, rest and huge lifestyle changes.

My questions for you are:

What in your life are you holding on to that is ready to be released? What do you need to change to better support your body?

~Ahlara Faith Kent~



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