Welcome to The Table: A Brief Explanation of Ascended Masters

"Good Morning. Or afternoon. Or evening. We would guess it depends on when you happen upon this page. I am Germain. Many of you have heard me called "St Germain" and if this suits you, so be it. There are many legends about my heritage, all of which hold pieces of truth and also much man-made elaboration. Know simply that I was a human, the same as you. This is important because of what I have to say.

Common human definitions of what an "Ascended Master" is refer to enlightened beings, those that have lived and studied a certain way and have come to understand themselves on a level that most humans do not, even to the ends of their lives. While we do not refer to ourselves in this manner, we understand the need for the "label" from the point of view of the masses. Know this though: There is not a single soul at this "table" that did not teach that all mankind has these understandings within them. You are as I. Each and every soul in existence today has the same opportunity to learn and remember all that we seem to know. From Jesus to Buddha....from Gandhi to Mother Theresa...from Quan Yin to The Holy Mother Mary....all of these well known souls spoke of love and truth and encouraged each living soul to live as they did. To embrace the divinity within, because it is there whether it is recognized or not.

Something else we wish to share with you is that there are quite literally millions of "Ascended Masters". They aren't all historically famous. The definition leads to this understanding: "Ascended Master - a being who has become Self-Realized and serves humanity; a being who has raised his/her vibration to a sustained frequency of light." Within this knowledge we come to understand that all mankind has the ability to achieve what you currently see as this "level of existence". Many, many souls live their lives in service of humanity. From soup kitchens to ministry. From working with the sick or the impoverished to protecting from danger. Some even have only one simple purpose in their lifetime: to raise a being of light and love and to teach them the ways of truth. And within this realization we come to understand that notoriety has nothing whatsoever to do with "Ascended Master(ship)". It is simply a state of understanding and a dedication to truth, love and teaching.

There are many, many beings here at "the Table" that wish to share and teach those willing to listen and learn. One of them you may even know personally. Think back to one of the greatest true teachers of your life. Or an example you have known of pure love and dedication to all that is good and true. Did they teach anything less than the words of Jesus? Or the philosophies of Buddha?

This is all for today. There is much more to say and share, and many more that are willing to be a part of this unique way of communicating. Remember this: pay attention to the teachings, but do not worship the teacher. A true "Ascended Master" would never ask for your worship or dedication. In fact they would never ask for anything from you. They already know that they have all they need.....We love you all and look forward to more time together. Blessings!!!"

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