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Remembering Wholeness~Healing Trauma

These sessions are designed to create a safe space to support Spiritual Awakening and trauma healing through sacred listening, presence, energy work and guidance. 

Sacred Listening & Presence: The first part of your session will be your time to share where you need support in your life. It is a safe space to bring up any thoughts, feelings or experiences that need to be released and healed. Giving a voice to ALL that is ready to be seen and heard. This is where you will set your intention and 3 prayer requests, to co-create your healing experience with Spirit.

Intuitive Soul Healing: The next step in your session will be energy work called "Intuitive Soul Healing". This healing modality is led by intuition, channeling and connection with Spirit and provides support through great change and transformation. Ahlara works directly with Spirit, at the center of your being, to support your physical and energetic bodies. These sessions bring awareness to events, memories and emotions that need to be healed and cleared. They provide ease and grace in the healing process and help you integrate into your true self. Old wounds are mended and the past is cleared so you can embody your full light.


Spiritual Counseling & Guidance: After receiving the energy work, you will be  provided with tools and steps to guide you on your journey. These healing sessions inspire great change, but YOU are the one that does the work and only YOU can take the steps to heal and change your life. 

Session Duration: 60 Minutes

Price: Pay Scale $50-$120